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Grad season is upon us, and you know what that means? Plenty of celebrations, from graduates to acceptances into new schools! Around the country(and world for that matter), are gearing up to celebrate their graduates in their lives. From graduating at a local community college, to an ivy league school, graduation is a special time for all and many will partake in celebrating the success of this special moment.

Whether it's a graduation, or an acceptance into a school. Balloons can help you celebrate this momentous season, bringing the spirit of the schools colors right into your backdrop for the perfect photo opportunity. 

Below I have compiled the Top 50 schools from the US News Report

The colors I have listed can of course be interchanged to your liking. And some colors may not be the MOST perfect match, but was the best that I could come up with the color charts from TUFTEX and Sempertex in front of me.

*If the color has no brand name associated, I believe the 2 brands of colors can be used in place of the other.(i.e., Sempertex red, and TUFTEX red are similar, however please use the same brand and color with corresponding sizes, please do not mix and match)* 

Princeton- Black and Orange

MIT- Black, Sempertex Merlot Red, and Graysmoke

Harvard- Black, White, Kalisan Deep Red

Stanford- Black, White, Imperial Red

Yale- Sempertex Fashion Royal Blue, White

University of Pennsylvania- TUFTEX Navy blue, TUFTEX Starfire red

Caltech-Orange, white

Duke- Sempertex Fashion Royal Blue, White

Brown U- TUFTEX Cocoa, Red, White

Johns Hopkins- Sempertex Fashion Royal Blue, White, TUFTEX Baby Blue

Northwestern- TUFTEX Plum Purple, White

Columbia- Sempertex Fashion Royal Blue, TUFTEX Baby Blue, White, TUFTEX Blue

Cornell- Sempertex Deluxe Imperial Red, White, Black

University of Chicago- Sempertex Deluxe Imperial Red, Tuftex stone, Sempertex deluxe grey, TUFTEX gray smoke

UC Berkeley- Sempertex Fashion Navy, TUFTEX Goldenrod, Sempertex Pastel Dusk Blue, TUFTEX Metallic Gold

UCLA- TUFTEX Blue, TUFTEX Goldenrod, white

Rice Uniersity- Navy Blue, Sempertex Pastel Dusk blue OR Sempertex Deluxe Grey, TUFTEX gray smoke 

Dartmouth- TUFTEX Evergreen, TUFTEX Forest Green, White, Black

Vanderbilt- Sempertex Reflex gold, white, black

University Notre Dame- Sempertex Reflex Gold, TUFTEX gold, Sempertex Shamrock Green, Sempertex Fashion Navy, or TUFTEX Midnight Blue

University of Michigan Ann Arbor- TUFTEX Goldenrod, TUFTEX Midnight Blue

Georgetown- TUFTEX Midnight Blue, TUFTEX Gray smoke

UNC Chapel Hill- TUFTEX Baby Blue, Navy, Black, White

Carnegie Mellon- Sempertex Fashion Red, Black, TUFTEX Gray smoke, Sempertex Deluxe Grey

Emory- TUFTEX Navy, TUFTEX Midnight Blue, Sempertex Blue, TUFTEX Goldenrod, Sempertex reflex Champagne, Sempertex reflex gold

University of Virginia- TUFTEX Midnight Blue, TUFTEX Fog, Sempertex Fashion Orange, TUFTEX Blush

Washington University- Sempertex Imperial red, TUFTEX Gray smoke, Sempertex Deluxe Grey

UC Davis- TUFTEX Midnight Blue, TUFTEX Goldenrod

UC San Diego- TUFTEX Goldenrod, TUFTEX Navy, Sempertex Metallic Gold, Sempertex Fashion Royal Blue

University of Florida- Sempertex Fashion Orange, Sempertex Royal Blue, White

University of Southern California- Sempertex Imperial Red, TUFTEX Goldenrod

UT Austin- TUFTEX Burnt Orange, White

Georgia Tech- Sempertex Reflex Champagne, TUFTEX Navy, White

UC Irvine- Sempertex Fashion Royal Blue, TUFTEX Goldenrod

NYU- Sempertex Fashion Violet, TUFTEX Plum Purple, Black

UCSB- Navy, TUFTEX Goldenrod

U Illinois- Sempertex Fashion Orange, Sempertex Fashion navy

U Wisconsin- TUFTEX Red, White

Boston- Sempertex Imperial Red, Sempertex Reflex Gold, TUFTEX Malted

Rutgers- TUFTEX red, TUFTEX gray smoke, black

Tufts- Tuftex blue, Sempertex Fashion Blue, Navy, Sempertex Deluxe coffee

Washington- Sempertex Fashion Violet, TUFTEX Lavender, Sempertex Reflex Champagne, TUFTEX Goldenrod

Boston U- Sempertex Fashion Red, Black

Ohio State- TUFTEX Red, Sempertex Deluxe grey, Black

Purdue- Sempertex Reflex Champagne, Black

University of Maryland- TUFTEX Red, TUFTEX Goldenrod, black, white

Lehigh- TUFTEX Cocoa, TUFTEX Malted, White

Texas A&M- Sempertex Merlot, White

University of Georgia- Sempertex fashion Red, white, black

University of Rochester- TUFTEX Goldenrod and Midnight Blue

Wake Forest University- TUFTEX Metallic Gold, Black

FSU- TUFTEX Samba, Sempertex Reflex Champagne, White, Black

University of Miami- TUFTEX Evergreen, TUFTEX Orange

Florida International University- TUFTEX Midnight Blue, TUFTEX Gold

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