The Best Balloon Brands at Toy World

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Balloons bring a unique flair to a party, along with buoyancy and color, so turn to the best balloon brands to guarantee hours of decorative fun! Balloons create a festive atmosphere and also make great party favors for your next big event. From a graduation gathering to a birthday party to a wedding shower, there are many reasons to decorate with balloons. No matter what type of get-together you’re throwing, you’ll want to select the best balloon brands to guarantee long float times and the brightest colors. Toy World has a variety of balloon brands available, including those from the nation’s best balloon manufacturers. 

TUFTEX Balloons 

TUFTEX is one of the nation’s premier balloon brands, making it a great option for your upcoming celebration. Each TUFTEX balloon is proudly manufactured in Norwalk, Ohio, and crafted from premium latex. Use a TUFTEX color chart to determine color and size before placing a wholesale order with Toy World. From baby pink to burnt orange to lime green, TUFTEX balloons offer an extensive range of vibrant colors for all kinds of gatherings. 

Qualatex Balloons

Qualatex balloons promise long float times and eye-catching colors for any upcoming event. Available in latex and Microfoil, these balloons are versatile and easy-to-use, so you can be ready for a variety of indoor and outdoor occasions. If you’re featuring a metallic color palette at your party, Qualatex offers chrome colors that appear extra shiny. For holiday celebrations like a Christmas party, Qualatex provides festive balloons featuring themed messages and symbols, making it one of Toy World’s best go-to balloon brands


Kalisan Balloons 

Kalisan boasts a variety of unexpected balloon colors to add a unique decorative spin to any celebration. The brand’s collection of everything from retro colors to metallics and animal prints brings pizzazz to all kinds of celebrations. These balloons are crafted from high-quality latex, so the fun at your special event can last for hours! 

Sempertex Balloons  

From soft pastels to bold metallics, Sempertex balloons are created to meet your every party decoration need. With a variety of colors, sizes, and even textures like matte and crystal available, Sempertex balloons suit every mood and occasion. These balloons are available in latex and foil, so you can find the right balloons for your gathering. 

Anagram Balloons

For balloons that will float for hours and withstand warmer temperatures, consider Anagram balloons. This top-tier balloon manufacturer has been crafting high-quality balloons for over 40 years. Themed products include leaf-shaped balloons for fall and foil balloons featuring fun holiday messages. Personalize your next celebration with Anagram balloons! 

Betallic Balloons

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a significant anniversary, or anything in between, Betallic balloons make fantastic party decorations. You’ll find a wide selection of colors and prints along with novelty balloons like emoji and hashtag varieties for the tech generation. Choose from vibrant balloons crafted for specific themes, holidays, and occasions—Betallic has it all! 

Shop balloons from premium balloon brands at Toy World. 

Visit Toy World for the best available latex and foil balloons. Here you’ll find balloons and party supplies from the nation’s top brands like TUFTEX and Kalisan. Explore theme party balloons like Disney and holiday balloons or accessorize your balloons with ribbon or shine spray to add extra glamor to your celebration. Whether you’re planning a classic or modern party, you’ll find balloons and party supplies to complement your décor. Shop the best balloon brands at Toy World today! 

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