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We're starting something new! Our marketing team thought of one of the best ways to help out customers and end users; and that is by making mixes of balloons so you can see the individual colors! 

Starting today on April 17th 2024, we're taking photos of different groups of colors of balloons. Ranging from Pastels, to neutrals, to blues, and pinks, and all the colors!!! 

Featured today we have TUFTEX and Sempertex neutrals and pastels! Sempertex pastel matte's are some of the most renowned pastel colors on the latex balloon market. However, TUFTEX has created some stunning pastel colors themselves! Cameo, Monet, Blossom, Lemonade, all are great pastels for any event!

TUFTEX and Sempertex are 2 of the world's leading brands of latex balloons. TUFTEX is made right here in the United States of America. Sempertex is made in Colombia! It's no doubt that when you ask a balloon decorator what is the best brand of balloons, TUFTEX and Sempertex come up in every conversation! 

Anyhow, take a peek at all these images of the color stories we made!

We hope these images help you in determining what the right color is for your next event! 


Let us know below which brand and which color is your most favorite of all these color stories!

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