How to Use a TUFTEX Balloon Color Chart to Decorate for Your Next Party

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A TUFTEX balloon color chart is one of the best tools to have at your disposal when party planning. Decorating for any type of event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or graduation celebration, is made easier with one of these charts in hand. TUFTEX balloons are crafted in Norwalk, Ohio, and made to withstand cool and hot temperatures along with a variety of weather conditions. Next time you arrange an indoor or outdoor event, consider purchasing TUFTEX balloons to guarantee hours of float time and create a festive atmosphere. Toy World has a variety of high-quality balloons available from the nation’s top manufacturers, including Qualatex, Kalisan, Sempertex, and of course TUFTEX! 

TUFTEX balloons come in a variety of colors, making decorating for your next celebration that much easier. Pull out the brand’s handy color chart when you’re ready to begin planning your next celebration. No matter your color palette, you’ll find a TUFTEX balloon to match.  

Pops of Pink 

With the record-breaking release of the blockbuster Barbie movie, there’s no better time than now to throw a pink-themed party. From eye-catching hues like crystal magenta and hot pink to soft colors like baby pink and coral, TUFTEX pink balloons are perfect for a gender reveal, birthday party, wedding shower, or whatever it is you’re celebrating! Mix bright pink balloons with deep pink ones to add a colorful dimension to your event space. 

Autumn Tones

Fall is the perfect season for throwing a fun-filled celebration, especially one that takes place outside in the open air. Cooler weather means you won’t have to worry about high temperatures prematurely deflating your balloons. As the leaves start to change, consider selecting balloons in colors that mirror the fall foliage. Burnt orange, crystal red, and mustard are all beautiful color choices for an autumn gathering. 

Eye-catching Metallics 

The TUFTEX balloon color chart features metallic balloons in almost every color. Metallics add extra pizzazz to an event and make a great choice for a birthday party or graduation celebration. Shiny and reflective, metallic balloons produce a festive effect and also look great in photos! Keep in mind that metallics may clash with certain colors. A good rule of thumb is to pair cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones. 

Shades of Gray

Neutral tones like white and gray are mainstays in home decor and for good reason: They’re always in style. Embellishing a party area with neutral-colored balloons in colors like gray smoke, stone, and fog lends a modern vibe to a celebration. Gray balloons allow you to incorporate brighter colors into your decorations by way of party accessories like streamers, ribbons, tableware, and confetti. 

Embrace the Rainbow

TUFTEX balloons come in a rainbow of colors, so why not set up your space to feature a mix of vibrant hues? A rainbow palette at a celebration creates a fun mood and serves as a bright visual theme for any event. Choose balloons in one hue from each color range such as red or purple and display all the balloons together to create a rainbow effect. A balloon wall or arch is a striking way to feature rainbow balloons and produces a stunning effect for all your guests. 

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When you’re planning your next celebratory get-together, shop TUFTEX balloons at Toy World for high-quality balloons available in a variety of vivid colors and a number of different sizes. Want to incorporate letter and number balloons into your balloon decor? Toy World has those too! Whatever balloons you wish to place around your event space, use a TUFTEX balloon color chart to select your color palette and start the party planning off right. Shop TUFTEX balloons at Toy World today. 

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