How to Create a Shimmer and Shine Party Theme

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Shimmer and Shine, a popular children’s animated series featuring two genies who agree to grant the three wishes of Leah, a human girl, to entertaining effects, makes a great theme for a kids birthday party. The show delights while relaying positive themes and everyday life lessons for young viewers, so sharing its character-inspired decorations with young party guests is an excellent choice. Toy World offers balloons and party accessories inspired by this fun-filled television program, including party invitations, ribbons, party games, napkins, confetti, and more. It’s a one-stop online shop for all things party supplies and the first place to go when planning your genie-themed party! There are so many ways to embrace the characters and setting of this one-of-a-kind children's television show. 

Decorate with a vibrant and bright color palette. 

When you’re planning your themed celebration, the easiest way to evoke the spirit of this beloved children’s show is to echo the program’s color palette in your party decorations. Select latex balloons in deep blue, magenta, lavender, gold, and turquoise. Tuftex and Kalisan, both available at Toy World, are two of the nation’s best balloon brands offering latex balloons in a variety of colors. Intermix different colors to create an attention-grabbing balloon arch that can be placed behind a desserts table or against a wall to form a dynamic photo backdrop. Consider using balloon spray to add extra shimmer and make your balloons really pop. Feel free to get as creative as you like when it comes to decorating with balloons in different colors—there’s no one way to do it! 

Embrace the unicorn trend. 

In recent years, unicorns have become popular among children and can be found in the pages of books, splashed across clothing, and in television programs like Shimmer and Shine. Highlighting a unicorn theme at a party provides lots of decorating options and ensures young guests will be excited to attend your event. Whether you host an indoor or outdoor event, decorate the space with unicorn-themed streamers and ribbons to establish a themed atmosphere. At the end of the event, you might pass out unicorn-themed party favors like pencils, erasers, stickers, and keychains. If you’re throwing a birthday party, pop unicorn candles into the cake and serve the slices on unicorn tableware. There are no limits to how many unicorns you can have at your event, so feel free to go wild!

Go all out on the Shimmer and Shine theme. 

Everyone loves glitter, so why not embrace the show’s theme and add sparkle to the event space for your upcoming celebration? Sprinkle shiny confetti atop flat surfaces like tables and chairs or across the floor of an indoor event. Throw up a shimmering party door curtain over an entrance or dangle a few from strategic spots around the space. String twinkle lights throughout the room or around an outdoor space to add extra glow to an afternoon or evening get-together. Shiny decorations bring movement and visual interest to an otherwise neutral space and instantly create a festive environment. 

Shop party supplies and accessories at Toy World. 

If you’re searching for ideas for a child’s birthday celebration, why not throw a themed party based on a popular kids television show like Shimmer and Shine? Themed party decorations generate an instant vibe and add a fun, playful energy to any celebratory gathering. Bring your own personal touch to a themed party by assembling creative displays of decorations and balloons, whether it’s a balloon arch, centerpiece, or multiple pillars set up throughout the space. At Toy World you’ll find latex and foil balloons from the nation’s top balloon brands along with party supplies, accessories, and toys and crafts. Shop Shimmer and Shine party supplies, balloons, and more today! 

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