Best Balloon Brands for Your Next Celebration

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Add a pop of colorful flair to any upcoming party with balloons from the best balloon brands at Toy World. Shop high-quality balloons from the world’s best balloon brands like Qualatex, Grabo, TUFTEX, and more. Balloons are an easy way to add eye-catching decor to an indoor or outdoor space. They make great party favors and are endlessly adaptable—from columns to arches to ceilings. There are many ways to enliven a space with balloons! No matter your color palette of choice, you’ll find balloons to match. Whether you require glitter balloons or pastels, Toy World has corresponding balloons available in bulk. These high-quality balloons guarantee long float times and vivid décor for your next special celebration. 

Grabo Balloons 

Grabo Balloons has been Europe’s leading foil balloon manufacturer since 1982. The company’s story began in a farmhouse where Giogio Grassi, founder and owner, decided “the world needs more balloons.” His foil balloon manufacturing machine crafted some of Europe’s first foil balloons. Between 2011 and 2017, Grassi’s balloon brand went from family business to international foil balloon manufacturer. Grabo foil balloons come in dynamic shapes and a variety of sizes, making them ideal for a number of different gatherings. Explore holiday-themed styles, numbers, letters, and more from Grabo at Toy World. 

TUFTEX Balloons 

TUFTEX has crafted premium latex balloons in the US since 1915. These balloons are proudly made in America and built to last for several hours at your next special event. TUFTEX has been a leading balloon manufacturer setting industry trends for decades. Toy World offers an array of the brand’s balloons in various sizes and colors ranging from hot pink to stone to cocoa so you can find the right balloons for your upcoming party.  

Qualatex Balloons 

Qualatex offers some of the highest-quality balloons in the industry. One of Toy World’s best balloon brands, Qualatex balloons come in a range of sizes and shapes, so you can find the balloons best suited for your party. Discover patterned balloons from Qualatex featuring animal print, roses, and sports-inspired prints. Select from special balloon packages including balloons in tropical colors, holiday-themed foil balloons, and more. Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, Halloween, or a ballet recital, there’s a Qualatex balloon to match! 

Kalisan Balloons 

Kalisan is a cutting-edge balloon brand crafting arch kits, customized foil balloons, and more. The brand’s latest line of retro colors celebrates the soft hues of nature and makes a great choice for decorating for an outdoor gathering. Balloons plastered with unique designs like snake and safari prints add pizzazz to a themed birthday party or celebration. Shop latex Kalisan balloons in a variety of sizes and colors at Toy World. 

Sempertex Balloons  

Crafted in durable latex and foil, Sempertex balloons are designed to withstand hot and cold weather conditions, making them a great choice for an outdoor gathering. One of the best balloon brands in the country, Sempertex balloons at Toy World come in colors like key lime and crystal red along with bestselling dotted confetti balloons. When you start planning decorations for your next party, rely on Sempertex for durability and selection. 

Anagram Balloons

Have something specific in mind for your next soirée? Anagram offers custom foil balloons for any occasion, no matter the theme or décor. Virtually any shape or design you can dream up can be replicated in an Anagram balloon! Create an impact with your custom-designed balloons and shop Anagram balloons from Toy World today. 

Betallic Balloons

For your next themed event or special occasion, consider Betallic balloons from Toy World. Holidays like Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mother’s Day come alive with festive, colorful balloons from Betallic. Choose from foil and latex balloons designed to celebrate life’s most momentous occasions. 

Shop premium balloon brands at Toy World. 

Discover the best latex and foil balloons at Toy World. You’ll find everything you need for your upcoming event, no matter if you’re decorating for a graduation celebration or a tea party. Toy World offers the nation’s best brands for balloons and party supplies, so you can find exactly what you envision to create a festive atmosphere. Shop the best balloon brands at Toy World today! 

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