Balloons and choosing a balloon brand?

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TUFTEX Balloons, Sempertex Balloons, Prima Balloons, Kalisan Balloons, Globos Payaso Balloons, there are SO many brands of latex balloons now. Thinking back 3-4 years ago, there were only a couple NAME brand balloons. Now a days every body and their mother thinks that just having latex balloons means it will sell. WRONG. 

To get into the balloon manufacturing business takes A LOT of money, and A LOT of learning. The top latex balloon brands are working TIRELESSLY to improve, and educate consumers about their quality of balloons, and what someone can do with their balloons. 


Take for instance TUFTEX Balloons. Recently they took the initiative and started offering FREE classes, yes FREE, to the public through each distributor. Toy World Inc., offers classes every month! These classes are instructed by local balloon artists that have true passion for TUFTEX and education to their peers! 


Sempertex as sold through Betallic in the United States of America has been continually pushing classes throughout each distributor, and in the next couple of months they'll be running a special set of classes in 3 major metropolitan areas! 


Prima Balloons which was just launched by the makers of Premium Conwin is staging themselves as an ethical brand of balloons. Their packaging has minimal plastic and therefore attracts the newer users of latex balloons with a more environmentally focused approach to it! 


When it comes down to choosing which latex balloon brand is right for you, the brands mentioned are some of the best brands of latex balloons out right now. TUFTEX is made right here in USA! Right out of Norwalk, Ohio! 


Sempertex is made out of Barranquilla, Colombia!


Prima is made out of China with careful and meticulous Quality Control measures in place! 

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