5 Ways to Decorate With Globos Sempertex Balloons

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Decorating with Globos Sempertex balloons for your next big event is easy thanks to the brand’s variety of high-quality balloons on offer. These balloons come in latex and foil and are designed to float for hours and withstand warmer temperatures. The brand offers a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find the party decorations you’re looking for. Balloon colors include everything from pastels to neons to crystals, allowing for countless color arrangements at your upcoming celebration. There are lots of ways to beautify a space with balloons, and many of these can be easily done at home with relatively few supplies. Look no further for party inspiration! 

Balloon Arches

A balloon arch is one of the most common ways to decorate with balloons. It’s an eye-catching method for weaving balloons of different colors into one impressive design element. The easiest way to build a balloon arch is to purchase a balloon arch kit which comes in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. A five-foot arch makes a great adornment for a small centerpiece like a wedding cake or to place over a prominent window in a party space. A 10- or 20-foot arch can frame a table or larger piece of furniture. You can even combine multiple balloon arches to create a different visual effect. The decorating options are endless with balloon arches. 

Balloon Bouquets 

A balloon bouquet is as simple as it sounds: It’s a bunch of balloons gathered together and tied off with ribbon. Balloon bouquets can add visual interest to entryways, tabletops, and more! Stagger different color balloons in one bouquet for an eye-catching arrangement or create a color-themed balloon bouquet consisting of balloons in the same vibrant hue. 

Balloon Ceiling 

A great way to make balloons the highlight of your party decorations is to create a balloon ceiling. Having balloons float overhead throughout your event adds a colorful visual element, whether you choose balloons in the same color or select a rainbow of tones. It’s best to use helium to inflate balloons to decorate a ceiling, as this ensures longer float times. Globos Sempertex balloons make an ideal choice for balloon ceilings, as they are constructed to remain inflated for several hours. 

Balloon Columns 

If you prefer a more static party decoration, a balloon column is a unique way to place balloons throughout an event space. To add a personal touch that’s also visually striking, incorporate a spiral into your balloon column or top each one with a number balloon to acknowledge a birthday or anniversary. For even more impact, group multiple columns together to create a stunning piece of party décor. As balloon columns can be easily moved from place to place, they allow for many different decorating options. 

Balloon Photo Backdrop 

A photo backdrop is a must at many parties, as it provides a space where guests can gather and pose with proper lighting and an appealing setup. A balloon backdrop can be an arch or wall of balloons, depending on the preferred aesthetic. Feel free to incorporate a party door curtain or other accessories into your backdrop. Now all that’s needed is to strike a pose! 

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