5 Ways to Decorate With a Party Door Curtain

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A party door curtain can serve a variety of purposes at a party or social gathering. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, baby shower, birthday, or another meaningful life event, a party curtain is a great way to add visual flair to your event space. Create a fun party atmosphere with balloons, streamers, and other event supplies made by top manufacturers, all available at Toy World. When it comes to party curtains, you’ll find a variety of styles and colors, from pastel to metallic to multicolor options. 

There are lots of ways to place a party curtain in an event space for maximum impact, but here are five of our favorites!    

  • Place your party curtain in an entryway. 
  • Placing your curtain in an actual doorway may sound a bit obvious, but it makes an impact when guests enter your party area through a sparkling and colorful curtain! To set it up, attach your curtain to the wall above your entryway using either double-sided tape, thumbtacks, or another reliable adhesive. If your doorway happens to be particularly wide, simply set up two party curtains side by side. A party curtain can also be cut to fit your space. Just be sure to measure before you start snipping. 

  • Create a photo booth. 
  • No matter the type of party you’re planning, chances are there will be people there taking photos. Do them all a favor and set up a photo backdrop worthy of an Insta story. A party door curtain is most often rectangular in shape, making it the perfect backdrop for pics snapped on a smartphone. Prefer a wider setup for taking group photos? Select a party curtain designed to serve as a backdrop and not necessarily hung in a doorway. 

  • Build a feature wall. 
  • Choose a focal point in the room. Perhaps it’s an awards table, a wedding cake, or an impactful piece of art. Whatever your party hotspot is, that’s where you’ll place your curtain and build your feature wall. Choose the longest party curtain you can find—eight feet is ideal—and set it up directly behind whatever it is you’d like to highlight. A party curtain set up in a prominent place in a room can help direct traffic to where you want guests to linger and ensure they won’t miss what’s most important! 

  • Light up your party. 
  • Want to create a mood at your next evening gathering? Opt for cascading curtain string lights to instantly add sparkle and shine to any space. Fairy lights add whimsy and fun to a room’s archway and also look festive when placed outside at a garden party. Just be sure wherever you place your curtain string lights, there’s an easily accessible electrical outlet nearby.  

  • Set off the party curtain with balloons. 
  • Sometimes a party curtain when set up on its own, can appear a bit wanting, especially in larger spaces. To add more pizzazz, arrange balloons above, alongside, or even atop the fringes of the curtain. Choose balloons in complementary colors to create an eye-catching visual display. Toy World has a variety of high-quality balloons available from the nation’s premier manufacturers like TUFTEX, Kalisan, and Sempertex. 

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    Toy World is your one-stop online shop for all things party decorations. You’ll find party curtains featuring fringes cut in different shapes like circles, raindrops, and stars. Choose from theme party supplies, such as Disney and baby shower, or stick with the classics like ribbons and balloons. A party door curtain makes a great addition to any sort of celebratory gathering, so shop for yours today! 

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