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Throughout the past 3 years, Toy World Inc., has grown immensely by gathering more products and brands for customers to choose from. We initially started off our 3 year venture with TUFTEX Balloons, or Maple City Rubber. TUFTEX Balloons is a USA based manufacturer of High Quality Latex balloons, with a variety of colors in their lineup. Ranging from Pinks and greens, to neutral tones of each color, TUFTEX serves their balloons in bags of individual, 12ct, 24ct, 50ct, 100ct, and even 144 ct. TUFTEX Balloons also creates a range of sizes, from 5 inches, 11 inches, all the way to 36 inch latex balloons! Being a distributor for TUFTEX has been joyful and exciting, as they continue to set the narrative of the balloon industry with new and trending colors, as well as being able to support a domestic manufacturer. 

Something else that is fairly new is the acquisition of Kalisan balloons distributor ship. We had contemplated for a while on bringing in another brand of balloons, and we are thankful that we were able to build a relationship with Kalisan balloons and distribute their balloons here domestically in the United States. Kalisan balloons is made in Turkey, thankfully with the help of some fast shipping and UPS, we are able to bring this brand of balloons domestically here to assist with the balloon shortage crisis. 

Balloons are nothing without balloon inflators or balloon pumps. Thankfully, we were able to acquire another distributorship with the new merger and acquisition between Conwin and Premium Balloon Accessories. Recently Conwin carbonics and Premium Balloon Accessories merged and are now 1 entity. These 2 companies are domestically based in the United States of America and have been producing some of the finest balloon pumps that balloon decorators use. 

We continue to serve our customers daily, with rapid ship service, same day shipping, and in store pickup as well as in store shopping. Let us know if you ever need anything by reaching out to us on Instagram, this websites chat feature, or by calling us. 

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