TUFTEX and Toy World inc Balloon Class
November 10, 2022

TUFTEX and Toy World inc Balloon Class

Yesterday, November 9th, 2022 @ 10AM, TUFTEX Balloons and us hosted our very first balloon class in Miami, Florida! We had 2 very talented and brilliant artists, Lilly Jimenez from @thecreativeheartstudio, and Tiffany Marino from @confetticastle This class was held @pinecrestgardens in the midst of Hurricane Nicole! Thankfully the hurricane was not too bad, only bringing some rain and wind! We started the day off with Tiffany who is an industry expert in balloon garlands, and decorations! She has made balloon arrangements to celebrate big corporations grand openings, and even car dealerships like McLaren out in North Carolina to showcase a new model that came out! She taught us all about the balloon business, and what it takes to become successful in the arrangement business. She gave insight to how much she charges per hour, or per foot of garland, to the nitty gritty on hiring employees! Keep an eye out on our YouTube, as you'll see snippets of this balloon class! The 2nd half of the class consisted of Lilly, who is a master in her craft and a creative genius (hence her company name), teaching us how to make a balloon mosaic, and in this holiday class, specifically a candy cane mosaic! With precision and patience Lilly carefully uses her X-ACTO knife, and carves out the shape of the cane, then carefully hot glues the sides of the cane on! She then continues to make supporting pieces of the interior of the cane and glues them on too! Lilly then blows up some 5" Tuftex Pink and 260Q Qualatex Pink, and adheres them to each other and begins filling the candy cane from bottom up! As Lilly finishes up the mosaic portion of the class, she takes a few questions and answers them in Spanish! Lilly is bilingual! Speaking English and Spanish!! Lilly then begins to show us how to make a Latex Balloon Christmas tree! She used TUFTEX Empowermint in 5 inch, 11 inch, and 17 inch! At the end of the day, everyone learned a lot of new business information and techniques!!! Allowing all of us to grow and grow, we are continually looking to host more classes and bring you guys more information to learn! We're here because We care about your party!!


-Calvin Lee

Chief Operating Officer, Toy World Inc.