May 09, 2023

5 Helpful Tips for Creating a DIY Balloon Arch

Make balloons the decorative centerpiece of your party with a DIY balloon arch. A balloon arch or garland adds color and visual interest to a party venue and creates a festive environment for every guest. This type of decoration looks impressive and is surprisingly easy to assemble, whether you choose to put together a complete arch or a semicircular arch. Whatever the scale of your balloon arch, be sure to select high-quality balloons to ensure optimal staying power for your party decorations. A balloon arch lasts anywhere from eight to twelve hours, so it’s best to put it together the morning of an afternoon gathering or the afternoon of an evening celebration. Before you build, turn to Toy World for a variety of latex and foil balloons from the nation’s top balloon brands like Tuftex, Sempertex, Qualatex and Anagram. 

Here are five easy-to-follow steps to create your own balloon arch:


  • Choose your color palette. 


    The color of your DIY balloon arch makes a difference when it comes to how your guests experience this piece of party decor. Depending on your party’s visual theme or mood, you can choose balloons in contrasting or complementary colors. Perhaps you opt for balloons in pink and blue pastel tones for a gender reveal party or silver and gold for a graduation celebration. Keep size in mind when purchasing your balloons. If you go with smaller balloons for your arch, you’ll need more of them to craft a substantial display. Intermixing large and small balloons can make your balloon arch even more visually interesting. 


  •  Decide on a shape for your balloon arch. 

    Before you begin assembling your balloon arch, decide on the shape you’d like it to be. Balloon displays like arches allow for lots of options as far as shapes go. You might construct a balloon arch shaped like a heart for a Galentine’s Day get-together or a semicircle to place over a door or entryway. Consider the environment or room before building your DIY balloon arch. You don’t want it to be too large or too small for your party venue. A traditional arch or upside down L are common choices for balloon garlands, as they are easy to make and can adapt to multiple surroundings. 


  • Build your arch’s foundation.


    There are a few different ways to build the base of your balloon arch. You can purchase a balloon arch stand or even a kit online. However, this means you’ll have less flexibility when it comes to the shape of your arch. Plastic hooks and fishing line or a sturdy string can be used to affix a balloon arch to a wall or lintel. You can use a low temp hot glue gun or clear tape to secure the inflated balloons to the frame of your arch. 


  • Add extra touches to your arch. 

    Adding accessories to your balloon arch is a great way to make it stand out. You can enhance your arch with flowers, leaves, or ribbons. Intermixing these with inflated balloons adds texture and color to your balloon arch. To make these additional elements look intentional, try to space them as evenly as possible throughout your arch. 


  • Invest in a balloon pump. 

    Before you put together your DIY balloon arch, invest in an electric balloon pump. This will save you time and make easier work of inflating balloons and building your arch. If you can’t find an electric one, a hand balloon pump will save you time, as the average balloon arch requires anywhere from 50-200 balloons!


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    Balloons add a festive touch to any party or celebratory gathering. A balloon arch can create a stunning effect at your next celebration. You can use the arch as a photo backdrop or place it over a dining table, entryway, or another special location in your event space. Shop Toy World for high-quality balloons and premium balloon accessories before your next event.