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We are Officially Florida's and Miami's 1st TUFTEX Distributor. Maple City Rubber has been around for over 100 years. Here's a small summary of the company from the website. Currently the company is run by Allison Will and Michael Will, with Doc Will as "The Color Man." Doc Will creates all the new colors for their lineup. Family owned and Operated. Just like us.

We currently carry all available colors of their balloons, in sizes from 5" Latex Balloons, 11" Latex Balloons, 14" Latex Balloons, 17" Latex Balloons, 24" Latex Balloons, 36" Latex balloons, as well as 60" and 72" Cloud Buster Latex Balloons. We're proud to support another family owned and operated business that keeps their products made in the United States of America!


We'd like to give thanks to all those that make this whole journey possible,

Thanks to Tuftex for welcoming us into the Distributorship family with open arms! Allison Will the Owner, and Matt Jensen for guiding us through their colors and allowing us this wonderful opportunity. 


We also have to thank our team here in Miami, FL Toy World Inc., for putting countless hours and loads of effort and sweat into bringing Tuftex into the store! Specifically Ylse Lee Director of Brand Management, who also runs the socials, as well as manages daily tasks, as well as spots new opportunities and is also our Purchasing Manager. Thanks to Ylse for all her hard work, sweat, tears, and long hours of working late nights and early mornings to get us to where we are with the balloons line up!

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