February 25, 2022


Hello all! TUFTEX recently released a new line of colors called the Sunkissed collection. Featuring a color way of spring colors, from Blossom to Pixie. All these colors represent and embody spring! Blossom is a neutral pastel type of light purple. Lemonade is exactly as you envision it, a neutral pastel yellow color, that embodies a nice cup of refreshing lemonade in the spring time that would also be enjoyed in the summer time. Pixie is a pink that is in between a dark pink and a hot pink. It's shade is indescribable and can only be described by seeing it in person!!! Fiona is a color that no one else has thought of, and seems to be following the color scheme of our favorite Ogre movie, Shrek! These colors are all so beautiful and capturing, and only shows the amazing work that TUFTEX balloons is putting out year after year! Enjoy some photos of this beautiful setup arranged by our wonderful friend @just2party !! 


In this arrangement the following were used

5"/11"/17"-Tuftex Fiona

5"/11"/17"-Tuftex Blossom

5"/11"/17"-Tuftex Lemonade

5"/11"/17"-Tuftex Pixie

Betallic Betallatex 260B Eucalyptus