May 19, 2023

How to Make Balloons Last Longer at Your Next Event

If you’re wondering how to make balloons last longer at your next party or celebration, look no further! There are many simple ways to extend the life of inflated latex or foil balloons. Here at Toy World, we blow up a lot of balloons to celebrate meaningful life moments with family and friends. Over the years, we’ve stumbled upon a few easy techniques to help keep balloons from wilting during an indoor or outdoor event. 

Here are a few easy ways to help your balloons last longer:  

Carefully select your balloons. 

When it comes to party decorations, if your biggest concern is the longevity of your balloons, choose Mylar or foil balloons, as these last longer and are more heat resistant than latex balloons. Despite the staying power of foil balloons, latex balloons are some of the most commonly used balloons because they are biodegradable and often make a more affordable option compared to balloons crafted from other materials. If you decide to go with latex balloons, be sure to choose high-quality balloons from brands like Sempertex, Qualatex, or Tuftex. 

Use helium to inflate your balloons. 

Party planners who have considered how to make balloons last longer usually opt for helium balloons, as these last longer than those inflated by mouth or an electric balloon pump. Helium balloons hold their shape well and can stay afloat for an hours-long event. To help helium balloons stay inflated, tie the ends off tightly to keep air from escaping. 

Seal the outside of your balloons. 

A great way to help lock air inside balloons is to use Hi-Float products. This is like a glue coating inside the latex balloon that locks in air/helium. Most of the times you don’t need Hi-Float if you’re just inflating latex balloons with regular air. Hi-float makes a vast difference in the way latex balloons hold Helium though, as it does minimize the pores of the latex balloon preventing the escape of helium!

Keep your balloons out of direct sunlight. 

Generally speaking, balloons fare best in indoor, temperature-controlled environments. However, just because you’re hosting a picnic or outdoor birthday party doesn’t mean you can’t use balloons to decorate. If you’re throwing a party in warm weather and curious how to make balloons last longer, be sure not to inflate your balloons to 100% capacity. Leave a little room, as balloons expand in the heat. (Pro tip: Purchase larger balloons and inflate them only 90% of the way full.) If possible, set up your balloons in a shady area away from direct sunlight. For outdoor gatherings, choose lighter colored balloons if you can, as white and pastel tones reflect rather than absorb heat and tend to last longer.  

Store your balloons properly. 

Planning to transport inflated balloons to your event? Deliver them to your venue in an air-conditioned vehicle and set them up as close as possible to the start of your outdoor party. If you need to pre-inflate your balloons, store them in a large plastic bag to keep your balloons looking full. This will also keep your balloons from being exposed to sunlight. Wherever you store your balloons, be sure the room or area is well ventilated, cool, and dry. 

Keep your balloons away from hazards. 

If you know for sure that dogs and cats will be roaming around your party space, set your balloons up higher so that pets can’t reach them. This is not only a good practice for your decorations but also for your pets’ health, as materials like latex and vinyl can be harmful if accidentally ingested. A ceiling fan, whether turned on or off, can instantly deflate your balloons. Try to keep your balloons contained and away from fans, lighting fixtures, or any other household items or decorative elements with sharp edges that may puncture your balloons. If you’re throwing a party during the cooler months, position your balloon bouquets far away from room vents and space heaters. 

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