Choosing Balloons for Your Next Outdoor Celebration

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When you’re throwing an open-air celebration, finding the best balloons for outdoor use is an absolute necessity. Along with the location and guest list, party decorations set the mood and communicate the theme of your event. Holding a birthday party or another meaningful event outdoors is one of the best ways to celebrate with loved ones. Warm weather and spacious outdoor areas like a backyard or a park provide hours of fun for you and your guests. Hosting your special event outside also lets you choose from a variety of decorating options, including streamers, confetti, and everyone’s favorite party accessory—balloons

Best Balloons for Outdoor Use

It’s not always easy to know which type of balloon will perform best at an outdoor party. Weather can be unpredictable, even on sunny summer days. Especially if you live in a warm state, consider choosing latex balloons for your next gathering. Latex balloons tolerate high temperatures better than many other materials. Toy World is a proud distributor of TUFTEX balloons, which are made in America and designed to withstand both high and low temps. These balloons are made with high-quality latex and available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can find balloons that fit your special theme, setting, and mood. 

Considering the Size of Your Balloons

When holding an outdoor party or celebrating a special occasion outside, try to keep these three words in mind: Bigger is better. Balloons expand in the heat and can even burst if they’re too full of air or helium. Choose the biggest size balloon you can find that fits your needs. An 11-inch balloon, for example, is one of the best balloons for outdoor use. Whichever balloons you select, remember not to inflate them fully. This will lower your chances that the balloons will explode in the heat during your event. 

Thinking about the Color of Your Balloons

If you’re searching for the best balloons for outdoor use, give some thought to the color of the balloons you select. You may be tempted to simply pick your favorite colors, no matter what these are. Consider the décor of the party you’re planning and try to work lighter-colored balloons into your decorations. Lighter colors like yellow, pink, and white absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight for a dazzling effect, while darker colors tend to hold in heat.


Shopping for Foil Balloons

Though latex balloons are a solid choice for an outdoor gathering, foil balloons are another  great heat-resistant option. Because of foil’s reflective properties, the material absorbs less heat than latex. Even on a summer afternoon, foil balloons will continue to hold their shape throughout an hours-long party. Keep in mind that foil balloons in full sun may start to lose their color or print, so during your event, remember to let these balloons spend some time in the shade.  

The Importance of Quality Balloons

Choosing the right balloons for an outdoor party is a big decision, as it’s likely that these party accessories form the centerpiece of your event. High temperatures and outdoor conditions like wind and rain can leave balloons vulnerable to damage. No one wants to see deflated or lackluster balloons having a negative impact on the rest of your party decorations. Choose high-quality balloons for your next event to help ensure it’s a hit for all your guests. Explore Toy World to find all the party supplies you need along with the best balloons for outdoor use.
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