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A celebratory event comes alive when party hosts put time and energy into balloon decorations. Even so, there’s no need to blow your party budget on balloons or prepare the party venue weeks in advance of your event. There are lots of inspiring ways to decorate your venue or event space that don’t require spending a lot of time or money. Celebrating with balloons allows for virtually endless options, depending on the color or style of balloons you select. At Toy World, we love sharing helpful decorating tips for all your holiday and special occasion needs. 

Here are some easy and festive ways to decorate with balloons: 

Craft a floating balloon display. 

One of the easiest ways to make your party environment pop is to create a balloon ceiling. Having balloons floating overhead creates a festive atmosphere and adds movement and color to a space. Inflate your latex balloons with helium, as these balloons will float longer—even up to 24 hours! If you don’t have access to helium or prefer stationary balloons, use double-stick tape to attach the tops of the balloons to the ceiling. You can decide to have ribbons hanging down from the balloons or simply have the balloons free float above your party guests. Obviously, this type of decoration works best in a low-ceilinged room. No matter the height of your ceiling, choosing multicolored balloons makes this type of decoration even more appealing to the eye. Inflated balloons make great party favors for children and younger guests, and they can easily pluck them down from the ceiling upon leaving the party. 

Create an eye-catching balloon centerpiece. 

A balloon centerpiece is a great balloon decoration when you wish to invite guests into a space with a dazzling display. Choose balloons that match your party’s color scheme for an even greater impact. Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate with foil and metallic balloons or prefer to use balloons in pastel hues for a softer look. Incorporating balloons in various sizes into your centerpiece creates visual interest and adds dimension to your display. If you’re celebrating a birthday or a school graduation, you may want to include letter balloons spelling congratulations, the birthday girl’s name, or another fun message. Balloon clusters are a great choice for a centerpiece, as they can be set on a table, the floor, or suspended in the air. To create a cluster, all you need to do is tie blown-up balloons together at the base. Use larger balloons to make tying them together even easier. Place your clusters around the event space or in a prominent spot like a doorway or a large window. 

Set up balloon pillars around your party space. 

A balloon pillar or column is one of the best DIY balloon decoration ideas, as it’s easily assembled and makes an impressive stationary display for your party. Use a sturdy pole like a PVC pipe as a base then tie inflated balloons into pairs at the base. Attach them to the pole using tape or glue. An electric balloon pump makes easy work of blowing up all the balloons you’ll need for your pillar. Stack balloons of the same color and alternate with complementary colors for a dramatic effect. Top your balloon pillar with a heart- or star-shaped balloon to make it even more striking. Place your balloon pillars at strategic places around the room, perhaps flanking the gift table or entryway. 

Turn to Toy World for all your balloon needs. 

There are so many fun ways to decorate with balloons. Whether you assemble a centerpiece, pillar, or floating balloon display, your guests will likely be impressed by both the balloons and the effort you put into creating an exciting party atmosphere. Toy World offers a variety of latex and foil balloons along with party supplies like streamers, candles, and table decorations, at affordable prices. No matter the type of celebration or event you’re organizing, get inspired with these balloon decoration ideas and feel free to come up with some of your own! 

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