5 Reasons to Use Balloons for Events

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Choosing the best balloons for events isn’t always easy, as there are so many options available as far as material, size, and color go. The type of balloons you select depends on the specifics of your event, but generally speaking, balloons liven up a space and create a fun-filled atmosphere, whether it’s indoors or out. Consider decorating with balloons at your next event, as they’re visually appealing and surprisingly versatile. Whether it’s a corporate conference or a child’s birthday party, decorating a space with balloons helps enhance an inviting and festive gathering. 

Here are some of reasons to decorate with balloons at your next big event: 

  • Balloons make decorating easy. 

  • Balloons are easy to transport and put up, whether you choose to blow them up yourself or use a helium tank. (Pro tip: If you want your balloons to float, use helium, as it’s less dense than air.) Consider using a manual or electric pump to make faster work of assembling your balloons. Once your event is over, it’s easy to disassemble a balloon display, even if you’ve incorporated ribbons, streamers, and other party accessories into the design. Clean-up is also easy with balloons—simply untie and pop. Just be sure you dispose of your balloons responsibly afterward. 

  • Balloons accommodate any event theme. 

  • Finding the best balloons for events depends on what you’re looking for as far as the event’s theme goes. If you’re hosting a Disney-themed birthday party, for example, Toy World has a variety of Disney and theme party supplies available. Consider time of day and setting when selecting your balloons. You may wish to decorate with reflective foil balloons for a sunny outdoor occasion. Perhaps you’re planning a more formal corporate event and inviting your office mates. In this case, you may wish to choose balloons in darker or more subdued colors. 

  • Balloons create a striking centerpiece. 

  • No matter the type of event, balloons are a great way to draw guests’ attention to a certain area of the event space. A balloon arch or balloon wall can be used to frame a table or seating area and also forms a great backdrop for taking photos throughout the gathering. Using letter or number balloons to spell out a congratulatory message or someone's name is another effective way to draw the attention of your guests. 

  • Balloons allow for fun activities. 

  • Balloons have long been associated with celebrations and parties. When you see balloons in a room, you likely immediately feel excited and full of anticipation for the festivities to come. Whether you hold an outdoor balloon release or play interactive balloon games at your get-together, balloons for events are a great way to bring people together. You may even choose to have a balloon drop at a meaningful moment during your celebration. 

  • Balloons form wonderful design accents. 

  • Incorporating balloons into your event decorations doesn’t have to mean filling the space with them. Perhaps you place balloons at key points in the room, such as corners, entrances, or the ends of tables. When selecting balloons for your event, consider the established color scheme and choose balloons that will complement these colors. You might be surprised at how several well-placed balloons can add the perfect finishing touches to your event decor. 

    Decorating with balloons is an affordable and eye-catching way to create a light-hearted and fun atmosphere at your next event. Toy World is a national supplier of high-quality balloons for events, party supplies, toys, and more. Explore latex and foil balloons from some of the best balloon brands, including Anagram and Qualatex. No matter your event’s theme or color scheme, balloons make eye-catching decorations and create opportunities for guests to participate in fun activities. 

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