April 18, 2023

4 Fun Ideas for Decorating with Disney Balloons

Disney balloons make fun-filled decorations for any type of party. Whether you’re celebrating a child’s birthday party or throwing a themed party for an adult, balloons create a festive atmosphere. Decorating with balloons is an easy way to add color and ornamentation to a special event. Options for balloon displays are virtually endless. From balloon arches to columns to bouquets to photo backdrops, balloons allow for flexible, fun party decorations. 

Here are 4 fun ideas for decorating with Disney balloons


1. Incorporate Disney-themed party supplies into your event. 

If you’re decorating with balloons, you might assume this means you should avoid using other Disney-themed party supplies at your event. At Toy World, we think that when you choose a party theme, you should let it inform all your party decorations. Rather than shy away from a Disney-themed event, infuse the entire gathering with all things Disney. Set your table with Disney napkins, paper cups and plates, and a tablecloth. Placing a Disney poster on the wall or hanging party streamers across the room can enhance the effect of your decorations on all your guests. You might even pass out Disney-themed party favors at the end of your event. These could be keychains, party hats, stationery sets, or sticker packs. 


2. Have fun decorating with Disney characters. 

One of the best parts of Disney movies is the unforgettable characters that inhabit these imaginary worlds. Let a specific Disney film inspire your gathering and select balloons splashed with images of your most beloved characters from the film. For example, put together a balloon bouquet with each balloon featuring a specific Disney princess. Dedicate different areas of your party space to highlighting certain Disney characters. Perhaps you have an Aladdin corner or a table devoted to Jasmine or the monkey Abu. Use Disney balloons to guide guests around the room. An easy way to do this is to place your balloons at key points in a space, like beside an entrance or along the ceiling.  


3. Engage guests in Disney-themed activities and games. 

A fun way to incorporate the Disney theme into a celebration is to arrange for Disney activities and games throughout the celebration. Set up a karaoke station

featuring popular Disney songs, play charades where everyone pretends to be a Disney character while other guests try to guess which one they are, or play Disney-themed trivia. Have fun with snacks and food to further share your Disney theme with party guests. Perhaps everyone decorates their own cupcake or cookie with sprinkles in the colors of your party decorations. Feel free to get as creative as you like in encouraging guests to interact with each other and have fun with your Disney party theme.   


4. Have your party reflect the storyline or themes of your favorite Disney film. 

An original way to further embrace your Disney theme is to have your party mirror a Disney film’s setting or storyline. If you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you might throw a tea party where crumpets and other pastries are served. A child who loves Toy Story will enjoy a birthday party space set up like Andy’s bedroom in the film. Perhaps you throw a Mulan-themed party outdoors with artificial cherry blossom trees placed throughout the environment. For parties like these, use your balloons to complement the rest of your décor. 

Shopping for Disney balloons 

Toy World offers a wide selection of latex and foil balloons along with theme party supplies to reflect your Disney party theme. Foil balloons feature a variety of Disney characters, from Dory from Finding Nemo to Olaf from Frozen. You can even find balloon bouquets featuring favorite characters from films like Moana and Cars. You’ll find foil balloons in fun shapes like stars, suns, and hearts, as well as latex balloons printed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse and filled with confetti. Shop Disney balloons and party supplies at Toy World.